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GROVES Refillable Candles

Brazilian Orange & Sandalwood Candle

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Sustainably sourced coconut base. Naturally paraffin free wax. Non-toxic crackling wood wick. 30h burn time. Vegan friendly.

Unearth the perfect balance of Brazilian Orange & Sandalwood. This scent skilfully captures the essence of the sun-soaked citrus groves of South America. Aromatic sandalwood melds with sweet orange oil to create a truly tempting fragrance. A beautiful interplay of citrus and wood, this olfactory experience is our personal favourite.

Time to refill? Once the wax level reaches approximately 1/2", submerge the base of your pot in heated water for a few minutes; this will soften the wax left inside the pot. Use a spoon to lift out the wax, give your pot a wipe and drop in your next refill! Keep extra refills in a cool, dry place.